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Our films are rightly famous.  Shot and edited by a world-class director/editor since 2012, there are already no less than NINE films in our shop, each lasting an average of around an hour.
For 2018, we are introducing two new films.

Our first, England, is shot in the stunning gardens of two magnificent historic houses with our biggest ever cast of stars old and new.

Our second, Spain, is shot in an extraordinary private garden that overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean sea.  As well as the dramatic and unique location, we are delighted that we were able to bring a total of twelve rowers to Spain this year.   The privacy of the garden, the warmth of the Mediterranean summer and the camaraderie between such a large group of rowers make this a film like nothing we’ve made before.

This package includes access to our brand new Members' Enclosure – an online forum at our website where you will be able to talk to other members as well as the rowers and the entire team behind the Warwick Rowers project.

Our films are provided as digital downloads.  All copies are embedded with a unique code which allows us to trace pirated copies back to the original purchaser.



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  • Details

    • Crowdfunder package of BOTH new films for 2018
    • One film shot at historic houses in England
    • One film shot in Spain, with our biggest overseas cast of rowers ever!
    • Available in 4K resolution
    • Each film around an hour long
    • Access to our Members' Enclosure (BETA starting December)

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