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Welcome to the Worldwide Roar

formerly the Warwick Rowers

We are the Worldwide Roar. For the last ten years, we were better known as the Warwick Rowers. We produced award-winning naked calendars and a range of other products to support amateur sport, to promote inclusion in sport and to develop and fund Sport Allies, a registered charity that works to build on our core messages of LGBT rights, gender equality and sporting opportunities for everyone through films, research and advocacy.

Now, with the help of our partners and supporters in the arts, media, academia, human rights and sport, we plan to build on a decade of global success.

Our calendar has long been seen as a mental health and human rights campaign, and now we want to make it more inclusive. The Worldwide Roar will enable sportsmen everywhere to support LGBT rights, gender equality and better male mental health.

We have learned a lot from our calendar over the last ten years - about diversity, equality and how to be better men. We have also had a lot of fun, and we want to share all of this with men around the world. Men like us, men like you, men who want to make the world a fairer place and who understand that sport can play a leading role in making that happen.
We want you as sportsmen to take part in large scale shoots that will show the diversity of men who take part in sport, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, birth gender or physical disability.

WR Calendars and Books

The perfect way to share the gift of love this season.

Our latest calendar features our biggest and most diverse cover shoot ever, along with sixteen other incredible full size images shot in London and in Spain. As always, our calendar is a gift most people will feel comfortable putting on the wall, as a light-hearted and enjoyable talking point among friends, family and visitors. Our regular edition offers superb value while our deluxe signed edition comes with the addition of an exclusive, removable art nude print signed by the guys featured.

Our books make incredible gifts that will be treasured for years to come. Five books, created over five years in eight versions, show how a cheeky calendar raised its game to challenge our attitudes towards male nudity. Over a thousand nude images have been collected across five books, beautifully printed and bound by craftsmen in England. These books and the stunning images they contain reflect our journey towards becoming a global campaign to change how we look at men.

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WR used to mean Warwick Rowers. Now it’s the Worldwide Roar. But it has always stood for women’s rights!

Abbie Muntz, Artistic Director of the Worldwide Roar, speaks about her involvement in the project as a woman

The ten years that took us to the Roar!

All net profits from the sales of Worldwide Roar products are proudly donated to: Sport Allies - The registered charity focusing on inclusion through sport.