WR SinglesGraze the Roar!  


WR SinglesGraze the Roar!  


We’ve always done everything we can to bring you as much high quality content as possible.  So as our project has grown over the years, it’s no surprise that our digital offering has grown massively too! 

We started with a few bonus images alongside our calendar, then added one film every year and later two.  Now, we serve so much content every month that we’ve had to create a digital guide to help our subscribers keep track of it all! 

We know that not everyone wants to commit to annual subscriptions. High quality films and high resolution images can put a strain on some supporters’ internet connections and fill up space on their drives.  Many of our supporters have favourite stars and favourite settings, so may not want to buy all the content from a particular year.    

That’s why we have created WR Singles – a grazing menu that lets you choose the very best from our digital subscription content, at prices everyone can afford and in byte-sized chunks that everyone can download and keep. 

We’ve kept the whole process simple.  Every item in WR Singles is the same price and every item will be immediately available in your downloads.   

We will be adding more content to the WR Singles page every month, so watch this space for more easy to download content at prices you’ll love! 


WR17 Director’s Cut Collection 

Our first calendar was shot in a day.  By 2016, our shoots were taking place over many days in many locations, all beautifully filmed by our long-time cinematographer/director/editor, Damien.   

Damien crafts his miles of footage into the wonderful films you know and love, pacing each film to hold the viewer’s attention throughout.  Inevitably, this means that lots of incredible footage doesn’t make the final cut.  Not because it isn’t good enough – in fact it’s too good to miss! 

Our Director’s Cut Collection has proved a perennial favourite with subscribers.  It gives you access to extended sequences previously seen in their entirety, and each of the nine films in the series is at least fifteen minutes long. 

Immerse yourself in the stunning content from our WR17 calendar shoots in a way that we have never previously offered without a subscription! 


WR18 Image Collection 

With over 1500 images, our WR18 Image Collection takes you far beyond the confines of the calendar and includes many candid shots and extended sequences that we just couldn’t include in our carefully curated coffee table book. 

Now, for the first time, you can dip into this extraordinary collection of art nude photography in smaller themed collections with over 100 images in each.   

We know you will love each of these thirteen enjoyable strolls into the depths of the WR archive!