WR19 March Film


At the Sydney University boathouse, Lucas and Robbie discuss how Robbie got involved with WR. Amir and Jorge join them for a shoot.

At the “Orient Express” sleeping car, the boys encounter all the creepy crawlies in the Australian bush.  Amir is not happy but luckily Jorge comes to the rescue.  

Amir, Jorge, Lucas, Robbie, and Herne fight over a tiny towel in the sleeping compartment. Felix joins in the end. The boys packing up to leave the Orient Express. 

Back in England, we have individual shoots of Felix, Herne and Joseph on chairs and sofas inside the convent - with a bit of dodgy didgeridoo playing! 

James talks about on his experience with WR as he poses for a solo shoot in the gardens around the  convent.  

Duo shoot with James and Alfie outskirts of the convent. 



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    Shot: December 2017: Sydney University Boathouse and Southern Highlands, Australia.  June 2018: The Cotswolds, England

    Duration: 22.17 Minutes

    Includes Robbie Manson, Lucas, Amir, Jorge, Herne, Felix, Alex B, Joseph, James, Alfie.

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