WR Playing Cards


Our brand new and exclusive playing cards will make every game more entertaining!

Beautifully produced in England to a design by acclaimed international artist, Keith Khan, our full regular deck of 52 playing cards plus two Jokers will always get the party started.

Each card features a stunning nude image from the Roar. With 27 different images paired across 54 cards, you can play the Memory Game as well as all the usual card games - and to help you out, we've worked to make every image unforgettable!

Get these very special cards while stocks last. We'll keep you company if you lose your shirt, we'll make sure you're never the first to get naked in strip poker, and all of our cards are guaranteed to be wild!



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  • Details

    Set of 52 playing cards plus two jokers.

    • Double-sided cards featuring your favourite images from our calendars and books.
    • Plastic coated 320gsm linen finish playing cardboard
    • Custom designed by Keith Khan

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  • Shipping Information

    Our new WR Playing Cards will commence shipping at the beginning of November.