Limited Edition Book Collection


The ultimate luxury nude book collection. For the first time in WR history we are offering our entire collection of limited edition books (WR16, WR17, WR18, WR19 and Manifesto) with an exclusive offer. In addition to five fabulous books, by joining the WR Book Club you receive 10% OFF sitewide on subsequent purchases*.

All five books are numbered in limited editions of 1000, making them the ultimate LGBT+ book collectors gift. The books are also signed by the participants and the photographer. Our final three books are beautifully encased in custom-made boxes that are bound to intrigue your guests.

The Limited Edition Book Collection Contains FIVE books: 



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  • Details

    Each book is made to the same specifications:


    • Over 200 pages of spectacular images based around our paint themes of the last five years. Printed on high quality paper
    • Beautifully produced and printed in England
    • Size 33 x 33 x 1.8cm (13” x 13” x 0.8”)
    • Weight 2.5kg (5lb 8oz)

    The book collection takes you on a journey from our early days through our emancipation from the implied nudity confines of our calendar to Manifesto, the 2020 book that completes our book cycle with previously unseen shots of some of your favourite WR as well as new material with our WR20 stars. This final book takes you on a pictorial journey through the principles of the Worldwide Roar – deeply-held principles that we have developed over the ten years of the WR project.

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