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WR15 Boatload Download
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The Boatload is back, and it’s more jam-packed with great images than ever!! As well as our calendar pack, you get all seven bonus packs, plus our extra special Boatload Bonus, where we show we have nothing to hide! Nearly 350 images altogether!! ..
WR15 Calendar Download
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All the highly polished images from the calendar, plus a few great shots that we got calendar ready but didn’t quite make it – including an alternative full colour poster of Laurie! 22 images..
WR15 Film Download
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You're going to LOVE this film! Shot in Ultra HD on location in the English countryside and on the beautiful beaches of southern Spain, this stunning documentary follows the filming of the 2015 calendar.   With lots of interviews with the boys as well as exquisite behind-the-scenes footage..
WR15 Firemen Download
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Our personal favourite.  See us playing at being naked firemen, and dancing in the spray as the real fire brigade pump up the volume! 38 images for download. ..
WR15 Foam Download
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Come and join us at our own personal foam party! Turns out that foam doesn’t really leave much to the imagination… Oh well! 45 images for download. ..
WR15 In The Field Download
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Jousting with oars, baring our bottoms, jumping in the air and giving piggy backs and shoulder rides.  You never know what might happen during playtime at the boathouse! 47 images for download. ..
WR15 Matt and Laurie Download
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Two of your favourites are back in this stunning series of solo shots.  51 images for download. ..
WR15 New Boys Download
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Meet Chris, Ryan and Tristan, three of the new boys in our 2015 calendar.  They’ve already created a buzz on social media, and these shots explain why.  41 images for download. ..
Following on from the spectacular success of our first limited edition art print in 2014, we were were delighted to produce a second series of limited edition prints.  For our second print we have worked hard to create what we think even more of you will want to have on the wall - an image tha..
WR15 T-Shirt WR15 T-Shirt
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Ethically produced in England from the finest quality cotton, this was the only t-shirt we were prepared to put our name on. Featuring the Sport Allies logo and our signature hashtag for the 2015 calendar, this t-shirt is bound to get you attention. As we like to say, it’s made to last, but not to s..
£19.99 £8.99
WR15 Variety Pack Download
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A selection of some of our best outtakes, including posed and candid moments with all the boys around the boathouse.  40 images for download...
WR15 Wheelbarrow Download
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Share this beautiful bonding moment between calendar favourite Laurie and new boy Ryan.  A fine bromance! 22 images for download. ..
WR15 Wristband
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We’re not saying you should wear your heart on your sleeve. We’re saying you should try your wrist instead! Our wristband is a great way to make a point and show the world what you stand for. You’re not just helping to fund the cause, you’re helping to spread the message. Featuring the Sport Allies..
£3.99 £1.49
WR15 Calendar
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What can we say? It's twice the size! Of course, we know that size isn't everything, so we didn't stop there. With a fantastic re-design by an acclaimed international graphic artist,  this calendar wows everyone who sees it. Get yours while stocks last.       ..
£14.99 £7.49
WR15 Calendar - Signed
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This is the same as our 2015 calendar, except it is signed by the rowers. This still makes a perfect present to impress!      ..
£34.99 £17.99
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