Worldwide Roar Gift Certificates

Show The Planet Some Love This Christmas


Formerly the Warwick Rowers, the famously naked athletes who campaign for equality have always believed that Christmas is best delivered unwrapped! Their famous calendars, which use male nudity to promote LGBT inclusion, gender equality and better male mental health, have for many years used paper from entirely sustainable sources and last at least a year.  But the campaign still think they can do keen to be part of creating less waste this Christmas.    


They are suggesting that previous WR calendars can be upcycled as this year’s gifts – the large format images make for great framed prints that friends and family will love.


And for people who are running out of time to get everything done before Christmas, WR gift certificates are a great way to show the planet some love this.  No clothes, no carbon, no fuss!


No clothes!

And as the campaigning athletes have discovered by taking their clothes off, less can be more when you want to show you care!  


No carbon!

For an even more carbon-free experience, the boys have now got four digital gift certificates that mean no packaging, printing or waste at any point – everything stays digital from start to finish.  


No fuss!

Our gift certificates can be delivered to any email address anywhere in the world, either instantly or on the date of your choice. 



For people who are harder to please, the campaiung offers currency-based gift vouchers in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros, in denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100.  You can choose any combination of values in a single currency up to whatever total value you want for each gift


As Amir, one of the organisers of the campaign who is making his third calendar appearance this year, commented:


It’s not enough to love each other, we have to love the planet, too.  And you can do both by giving the gift that’s unwrapped already!!



Digital Gift Certificates - An Eco-friendly Christmas Gift


Calendar Wallpapers Gift Certificate

Give 17 high quality images from our brand new 2020 calendar. The best way decorate a desktop, laptop or phone throughout the year!


WR20 Film Subscription

Keep things moving in 2020! With our film subscription, your recipient will get great new video content every month.

  • A Christmas preview followed by 12 monthly instalments each instalment will last at least 20 minutes

  • Shot at exotic locations around the world Available in 4K resolution

Our films are rightly famous. They have been shot and edited by a world-class director/editor since 2012.  


For 2020, we will be bringing you even more content than last year, with more men, more sports, and more fun!  


At Christmas, we will bring you a preview of the extraordinary content you will receive in the middle of each month throughout 2020 – at least twenty minutes of video every month!   


Don’t miss out on this chance to follow our story with brand new material every single month throughout 2020!


Roar Magazine Subscription Gift Certificate

You can remind someone every month how much you care. And who wouldn’t want this in their inbox every month?

  • 12 Issues of our new digital magazine

  • Featuring pictorials of athletes stripping down to explore their vulnerability, courage and commitment to change. 

  • Video clips from our latest film shoots as well as from our vast ten year archive. 

  • Interviews with our athletes and influencers

Our new digital magazine, Roar, draws on ten years of experience in challenging how we can look at men.

The Roar has been created with the help of our partners in the arts, media, academia, activism and sport. It offers male athletes from any sport the opportunity to test their assumptions about who they are as men, as a way of starting a conversation about a whole range of topics that affect all of us in our everyday lives: gender equality, male mental health, LGBT rights and, of course, our relationships with our bodies.

Featuring pictorials, editorials, interviews, videos and never-before-seen imagery from our shoots. This new subscription replaces our Image Subscription from previous years.


The WR20 Magazine and Film Subscription Gift Certificate

The best of everything in one simple, carbon-neutral package.

  • The Digital Magazine Subscription and the Film Subscription in one handy package.

  • Two exciting and exclusive updates every month

  • 20+ minutes of video

  • Fantastic new magazine with exclusive images, articles and video clips every month.

  • All film available in 4k

  • All still images in high resolution

With the Full Subscription, your recipient won’t even have to wait a month between updates!

At the beginning of each month, they will receive our brand new digital magazine, featuring great articles, interviews, and video clips, as well as the wealth of exclusive images you have come to expect! In the middle of the month, they will receive a new film with at least twenty minutes of fresh new video content.  

So they will never be much more than two weeks away from new exciting new content captured during our amazing shoots around the world for 2020.


All gift certificates will remain valid throughout 2020 for WR20 digital wallpaper and subscription content as set out in the individual product descriptions.  We reserve the right to introduce additional digital content that will not be included within these packages.


Currency Gift Certificates


Do you know someone who’s hard to please? Let them choose for themselves with our currency-based gift vouchers!


These certificates are available in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros, in denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100. You can choose any combination of values in a single currency up to whatever total value you want for each gift. 


And you may choose different currencies for different gifts - perfect for your cousin in London and your aunt in New York.


Certificates will be added to the recipient’s account at as store credit. The store credit may be spent across multiple purchases for up to one year and topped up with other payment as required. 


The store credit will be valid for one year from the date of issue and is non-refundable. In the event that a refund is necessary for purchases made with gift certicates, the refund will be given as store credit.